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Good response to "Wickeder Ausbildungsinitiative"

On November 15, 2017, we were represented at the 10th "Wickeder Ausbildungsinitiative" of the Sekundarschule Wickede. Many students use, partly with their parents, the offer of the 30 domestic companies to inform themselves about possible prospects after the school career. Many inquiries for internships, but also very specific inquiries about free training capacities in 2018 could answer our team so personally.

For Florian Ptacek, trainee in his first year of training as a warehouse specialist, the trade fair meant a change of perspective: last year, when he was still a student at the trade fair, he celebrated his debut yesterday as an official company representative. Not without pride he described to many of his former classmates authentically the basic conditions of the training in our Tütenmacher team!