Snack Bag Thermo

Hot and greasy? No longer a problem - thanks to the new Thermo Snack Bag. Keeps your hot meal warm until you consume it.

Product Features


Your Snack stays warm, crispy and delicious through a two-layer configuration with greaseproof paper

Self-adhesive closure

The convenient self-adhesive seal allows for quick and easy closing

Fifty Fifty

Of course, Thermo Snack Bag is also available as Snack Bag Fifty Fifty, a paper/film combination

Tear-off perforation

Easy to open thanks to its tear-off perforation


Water-based colour and FSC® (FSC®-C105659) or PEFC (PEFC/04-31-2160) certified paper

Product Features

Easy Handling

1. Tear and open

1. Enjoy!


Snack Bag Thermo Fifty Fifty

Snack Bag Thermo Pure Paper

Snack Bag Thermo Burger







Snack Bag Thermo Pure Paper


16,5 x 7,5/7,5 x 17 cm

two layers bleached greaseproof

35 g/m² + 35 g/m²


21,5 x 8/5 x 13 cm

two layers bleached greaseproof

45 g/m² + 30 g/m²


33 x 7/7 x 13 cm

two layers bleached greaseproof

40 g/m² + 40 g/m²

Snack Bag Thermo Fifty Fifty


21,5 x 7,5/5 x 13 cm

two layers bleached greaseproof

45 g/m² + 40 g/m² + PET 19µ

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for all Snack Bags



Snack temperature lost over time:

Do your customers like it hot?!

Then our Snack Bag Thermo is exactly right for you and for all those who want to enjoy their warm snack while it's still warm.

The Snack Bag Thermo keeps your snack as warm as aluminium foil does.

With Snack Bag Thermo, your snack remains crispy and delicious!

Advantages and benefits



Greaseproof and dripproof



Quick packaging, more revenue

Advertising effect

Advertising effect

Positive brand transfer with the best quality and functionality

Remains warm

Remains warm

Double-layer feature with grease resistant and wet strength material

Our set of accessories

With every packaging unit, you receive a complimentary set of accessories consisting of a stand-up counter display, a user manual and a packaging box.

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