Loc Bag

The packaging solution for cold cuts in the fresh food counter

Product features


Paper represents tradition and handicraft and is an ideal advertising medium for your brand

Easy packing

Insert your product, turn down the flap ? done!


Attractive combination of paper and film, always presents your products in a fresh, natural and appetising way for the customers and allows visibility at the checkout


Installed glue stripe allows recloseability of Loc Bag

Ideal tray

Suitable tray made of coated carton right away, if requested (individual print according to your wishes available)

Product features

Easy handling


1. Insert Product

2. Remove masking paper

3. Fold the flap

4. Finished!


1. Open flap

2. Take product

3. insert after use

4. Fold the flap - Reclosable!



External dimension in cm





Loc Bag

min. 15

max. 50


min. 15

max. 40

Customs tariff number
Loc Bag



Customs tariff number
Loc Bag Plate



Advantages and benefits

Numerous options

Numerous options

Various combinations of materials possible (Grease-resistant, breathable, UV-light absorbing, renewable raw material, completely compostable, certified paper according to FSC® (FSC®- C105659), “Blue Angel” and many more)



The size of the Loc Bag can be flexibly adapted to your needs this ensures that you make the most of your sales area - in compliance with your wishes

Advertising effect

Advertising effect

Positive brand transfer with the best quality and functionality



This packaging solution is suitable especially for cold cuts, cheese, meat and fish - but other products are possible as well

Request now!

Let your imagination run free and send us your ideas – we'd be very glad to help! Individual productions are available upon request with a minimum quantity of 100,000 pieces in current sizes resp. 250,000 pieces in individual sizes. Depending on the format, version and qualities, minimum quantities may be higher. We would be happy to provide prices on request. Simply call or send an email.

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