The new Loc Bag Mixed Paper is the perfect alternative to the plastic poly bag, especially for repackaging and processing returns items.

Made entirely of paper, the Loc Bag offers a transparent view of the goods through the partial use of glassine paper. End customers thus receive their products in an attractive protective packaging that also helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

The Loc Bag Mixed Paper is available in FSC-certified brown or white kraft paper or recycled paper. The window of all versions is made of transparent glassine paper.


The Loc Bag Mixed Paper is therefore made of 100% paper and can be disposed of in the waste paper bin and completely recycled.

On request, we can equip the bag with a practical tear strip.

The innovative packaging solution is available in various formats, but individual sizes are also possible on request.

And for those who want to send their products in a particularly promotionally effective way: we print up to 10-colour motifs according to your specifications using water-based inks.





WHY NOT completely made of transparent paper?


We have reduced the proportion of transparent paper because glassine is not as tear-resistant as kraft paper.

Due to the robust quality of the kraft paper, the products are protected during transport and arrive well at the customer.

The products remain clearly visible due to the transparent glassine insert and the clever material mix makes the bag significantly cheaper!


100% PAPER

Glassine Paper

Kraft Paper

Environmentally friendly

100 % Recycled paper
100 % recyclable
renewable resource


Colour and shape of the product are easily visible


By using pure paper, the amount of plastic waste is sustainably reduced


Can be printed with your own logo, using up to 10 water-based colours

100% PAPER

Design examples

Technical data "Loc Bag Mixed Paper"

Flyer and Data sheet

Individual printing from an edition of 50,000 pieces/size. Printing with up to 10 colours.






17 x 25 cm



22 x 30 cm



27 x 35 cm



32 x 40 cm


Paper qualities for all formats

Back, half front and closing flap made of sturdy brown or white kraft paper

Window (upper half of front) made of transparent paper

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