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WEBER supports Wickeder Ferienspaß

22 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years were able to try their hand at baking last Tuesday, and explore the bakery at close range at the location of our customer and neighbour the Niehaves Bakery. As part of the Wickede holiday fun programme, the tour through the bakery was one of the offers to be booked out first. Following a strenuous walk with an outside temperature of 31 °C from Wickede's market square to the Westerhaar industrial park, the junior bakers were then equipped with an apron and hat, enabling them to try their hand baking a yeast bun. The time the buns needed to be baked to a golden-brown in the oven could then be intensively used to eat a little themselves. Following this the children were once again receptive for seeing how the previously eaten Berliners were professionally baked and filled, why bread and pastry can be cooled with crushed ice, that it is possible to produce wine bottles and trays from chocolate and to find out why the rolls in Wickede have a slit. For cooling down purposes the children also entered into the large cooling rooms of the production facilities, and following that the yeast buns could be packed ? of course in gusset bags produced by WEBER ? to show them proudly to their parents at home.
As part of the Westerhaar network WEBER supports the Wickede holiday fun programme, where along with our neighbouring companies WHW Hillebrand and Niehaves we aim to draw attention to the appealing nature of the companies located here as family-oriented employees in the region with a strong future.