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WEBER Verpackungen is one of the best trainers in Germany

For the fourth time, the business magazine "Capital" has published a study on the best training companies in Germany. We are part of it! We can now call ourselves "Germany's Best Trainers 2020". With the result of 4 out of 5 possible stars in the training category and 4 out of 5 possible stars in the dual study category, Weber Verpackungen is one of the companies honored.

The survey, in which a detailed questionnaire with more than 90 questions had to be answered, ran from the end of March to mid-June - when the entire German economy was in corona mode. Nevertheless, more than 660 companies took part in the CAPITAL study, eleven percent more than last year.

The study provides a Germany-wide overview of the "Best Trainers in Germany" by region and occupational group. Companies that employ at least five trainees or three dual students were eligible to participate. Detailed analyses can be found on and in CAPITAL 11/2020.