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The start of a much-deserved retirement after 51 ½ years

Hildegard Goldberg started as a 14-year old girl on 01.04.1965 at the company of WEBER in Fröndenberg, at that time generally known as "Tüten-Schmidt" ("Bag Schmidt").  For this reason a special work anniversary was celebrated on 1 April 2015: 50 years at WEBER Verpackungen ? a thing nobody before her had achieved. The complete workforce came together to express their gratitude to Mrs Goldberg for her great achievement. 18 months later on 31.08.2016, the workers of the company now located in Wickede once again got together to wish Mrs Goldberg a happy retirement. Accompanied by saxophone music, colleagues, supervisors and executive management sent Mrs Goldberg into her retirement with a loud "Goodbye Hilde!".
As a young girl Mrs Goldberg started straight after school at the earlier site in Fröndenberg, removing bags from the machine and packing them so that they were well-protected during transport and picked in the right quantities according to customer needs. Up until the present day the executive management could identify a pallet packed by Mrs Goldberg among all the others without knowing which employee was responsible ? that's how accurate Mrs Goldberg could pack!
The WEBER Verpackungen company expresses its sincere gratitude to Mrs Goldberg once again for her 51 ½  years of exemplary work each and every day.
You are irreplaceable! But somehow we'll manage to keep the company running without you! So enjoy your retirement ? we wish you good health, creativity and lots of fun!