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Snack Bag Thermo Burger

Snack Bag Thermo von WEBER Verpackungen, ist die innovative To go Verpackung für heiße Snacks

We proudly present: Snack Bag Thermo Burger

The variety of snacks raises up every day. Lunch is more and more replaced by hot snacks for take-away. To come along with the increasing range of snacks we created our Snack Bag Thermo Burger. Which is offered in a size especially designed for burger and sandwiches.

Thanks to the double-layer feature the Snack Bag Thermo Burger keeps your snack as warm as aluminum foil does. Moreover, it is way more environmental friendly and looks great - at the same time! Keep your snack warm and crispy for 30 minutes? No problem!

The handling of the Snack Bag Thermo Burger is as easy as the handling of all our Snack Bags.
Insert your snack, rolling - Finished!
Your customer can easily open the Snack Bag Thermo Burger with the tear-off perforation and enjoy his warm snack without making a mess.

Of course you can order our Snack Bag Thermo Burger with your individual print.

Any questions? We assist you with pleasure!

Snack Bag Burger Packaging from WEBER Verpackung are the perfect packaging solution for hamburgers and an innovative packaging for fast food products.