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Apprentice team training 2016

To train and make perceptible effective team behaviour was the aim of this year's apprentice team training for the WEBER apprentices and those of our affiliated company WEROCA. This year we met in the Hamm spa gardens at the Sylverberg youth hostel. Together with the team the "umiak construction" project was tackled over two days. Split into teams, two umiaks had to be built according to the example of the Inuit, and these were put through a thorough test the next day on the River Lippe.
The launching was planned for the evening of the first day. All apprentices needed to contribute to their best ability to achieve this aim. Constructing the basic framework, cutting and bending branches, using the branches in the framework, producing the tarpaulin for the boat and finally enveloping the boat with the tarpaulin had to be carried out as teamwork.
Following the christening of the boats the two umiaks "Petra" and "Werner" were then launched in the Datteln-Hamm canal. After a short trip on the canal the boats were then reloaded and the participants made their way to the youth hostel. A quick tidying up was done and following an intensive discussion of the work day this was officially terminated at 8.30 p.m. ? in good time for the start of the European Championship football match Poland against Portugal.
The next morning the boats were taken on the Lippe to the Ahlen Canoe club where both boats were lowered into the water. Three further support boats were also used. The teams paddled for several hours to achieve the target of Oberwerries Castle. Unfortunately on the way one of the boats stranded several times on rocks in the Lippe. These tore a small hole in the tarpaulin so that water needed to be emptied from the boat every 5 to 10 minutes. In the end though all participants were able to climb out from the boats with dry feet at Oberwerries Castle.
Following the lunch break, the boats were loaded again for travelling back to the youth hostel. There the boats were disassembled and all materials and tools stored away. At 4 p.m. all apprentices were able to enter a well-earned weekend.
On both project days the team training was accompanied by a film team that recorded the activities in moving images and impressions.